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Chongqing Food



Food is culture. Hot Pot is the essence to the local Chongqing cuisine: dip in everything from vegetables, fish, meat to noodles in that rich and hot-spicy flavored soup. Eat, sweat, and get relaxed. The right way to enjoy the authentic Chongqing Culture. (One of the international blogs about it, click here >.)


As much as Chongqingnese love the spicy food, they also welcome and would really like to taste the local cuisine during the trip. 


Although to keep the most satisfying taste bud experiences, some of the following flavors or dishes should better be kept in small portions: the milky porridge, soup with cream, all-cold salad. In general, diary taste and all-cold food are advised to not to serve as main dishes or constitute as a large portion on the table.


What can take the main role at the table? Roasted salmon with any kind of savory sauce. Cold and smoked salmon at breakfast or as an appetizer are also very welcomed; Cooked/grilled vegetables. Jasmine rice would always be a good complement.



Mahjong (Majiang), the most popular board game developed from China, is beloved by the locals in Chongqing. This stems from the vast natural resources of the region and the surpluses have created a more playful culture in comparison with other regions of China.  There in high summer, the Mahjong-lovers would even play it under the water!


If you would prepare one or two sets of Mahjong they would be impressed by your hospitality and feel really at home. Also, be spontaneous, introduce what you think are playful or worth a try for them.

Never too hot to play



Hongyadong is a large-scale stilt house built basing on Chongqing’s military fortress alongside the river. It is today’s most outstanding landmark in the city of Chongqing. The reasons are obvious: an attractive architectural structure that establishes right at the central location of the city, shines with the magnificent lighting at night; the magical arriving methods to the Cave - 11 floors accessible by two different roads; at last, here people can taste the local culture, cuisine, shopping and appreciate the night view by the Jialing River, a tributary of the Yangtze River. The Cave now ranks the second most visited place in China, right next to the Chinese national landmark Tiananmen Square in Beijing.

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It is a fantastic place for testing your products, specifically to the young and mid-age level Chinese customers from all over the country, considering the people flow at the location ; or why not create some hot campaigns that can be associated to your cool location?

Also, the city center around the Cave is yet to be developed in a new level with modern shopping centers and so on. Keep an eye on the areas development. It could be really beneficial if you have products that you wish to sell directly in the market in Chongqing >.

The modern cave



Huangjuewan Interchange, the traffic hub located in the main city of Chongqing, connecting to suburbs, the airport with its 20 exits, 5 layers, 8 directions -- A 8D city, that is where Chongqing got its latest nick name. And this is just one of the most representative traffic infrasturctures that display the difficulty level of finding out one´s way in or out of the destinations in Chongqing. 

The other famous `traffic wonders` in CQ is: the light way metro driving through the building as one example.


Chongqingnese are good at driving cars and motorcycling in varied and complicated driving situations and enjoying it. Cycling is not the typical commuting tools for the locals. Also, their orientation sense is "technology based", as the city is hardly built straight forward, besides of using GPS maps, the locals generally use the landmarks in showing directions, and they prefer left, right, front and back instead of west, east, north and south!

The 8D city
Nature in a nutshell